Frank Divita
Autumn Rising

Bronze edition of 60
22h x 16w in
55.88h x 40.64w cm


Frank DiVita, b. 1949, Genoa, Italy

Frank DiVita, an Italian-born sculptor, credits his beginnings to his early exposure to Renaissance art and an intense love of nature. When he was still a child, his family migrated to Canada, then Montana.  At an early age, he showed a talent for both zoology and art. This interest led him to illustrate textbooks for medical students while attending the University of Montana.  He sought an education in medical illustration while there, the perfect combination to marry his love of art with his intense interest in science.

Upon graduating, he realized that in order to pursue a job in his chosen field, he would have to leave the wide-open spaces of Montana.  Unwilling to do this, he decided to teach school, though he continued to pursue his art.  From constant encouragement by artist friends he decided, after seven years of teaching, to commit to his art full-time. 

Deciding to creative bronze sculptures of birds was an easy decision, as DiVita has always had an emotional connection with them.  His goal was to preserve the true-to life integrity of each piece.  As a youngster, his pet sparrows allowed him the opportunity to study their individual expressions, characteristics, and movements.  The detail from feather shapes, angle of the head, to color is a result of continual study.  To ensure accuracy, the artist owns his own foundry, which allows him to stay involved in the creative and production process from beginning to end.

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