John McCartin

John McCartin, b. 1954, New South Wales, Australia

Commencing full time painting in 2002, John has been catapulted from relative obscurity to international acclaim as one of the world’s finest artists.  Since 2011 he has received over 40 major international art awards and is now publicly acknowledged as a master artist by many of the world’s leading artists and galleries. John displayed a marked natural talent for drawing as a boy, but didn't start painting until age twenty. With no formal training he continued to develop his craft through constant practice, analyzing the work of the great many artists, past and present, which inspire him. John is an adept painter of landscapes, seascapes, floral/still life, human figure/portraits and animals and displays great versatility in being able to work effectively in most mediums to capture a diverse range of subjects with extraordinary drafting skill. 

Visually striking and convincing representations, his works have great beauty and intense realism, designed to stir the heart and lift the soul. His masterful use of color and tone create a powerful illusion of space, light and atmosphere. Light, particularly, is a notable feature of his work, prompting comments by viewers, artists and reputable judges. These qualities combined with John's keen powers of observation, superb drawing skill and passionate response to an inexhaustible array of subjects sets him apart from other artists. His works can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide and in numerous galleries.

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