Marlin Rotach
Deep Shadows on the Mesa

watercolor, gouache, ink
24h x 30w in
60.96h x 76.20w cm

Land of the Hoodoos

watercolor, gouache, ink
24h x 18w in
60.96h x 45.72w cm

Under the October Sun

20h x 24w in
50.80h x 60.96w cm


Marlin Rotach, b. Salina, Kansas (United States)

After completing his Masters Marlin Rotach taught design, drawing, and painting at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
From Rotach’s earliest memories, art has always played a role in his life.  His father was a commercial artist as well as a stock horse trainer. Rotach grew up with cowboys, horses, billboard layouts, type books, paint and brushes, and most importantly encouragement.  These beginnings additionally instilled an interest in fine art, art history and a passion for the American West. His artistic influences are broad, from Caravaggio to Frank Tenney Johnson. The historic artists Rotach most admired all had one common thread, they created dramatic impact in their works through a profound understanding of light…”In traditional painting, Light gives Life”.

Like his artistic heroes, Rotach’s images are primarily concerned with the various qualities of light and shadow.  The transparent aspect of watercolor is particularly suited to his purposes. He employs many techniques (experimental and traditional) to get the desired results…shadowed under-painting, transparent glazes, salt washes, scraping and bruising the paper, etc.

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