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Joe Beeler

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A Sure Shot

'A Sure Shot'
18 High by 14 Wide

Big Horn Book Study

'Big Horn Book Study'
12 Inches High

Buffalo Hunter

'Buffalo Hunter'
14 Inches High

Chief Goes to Washington

'Chief Goes to Washington'
22 Inches High

El Jefe

'El Jefe'
15 Inches High

Feeling His Oats

'Feeling His Oats'
15 High by 10 Long

First Family

'First Family'
10 Inches High


23 Inches High

If It Itches, Scratch It

'If It Itches, Scratch It'
7 High by 7 Long by 5 Wide

In Memory

'In Memory'

Love At First Sight

'Love At First Sight'
13 Inches High by 11 Inches Wide


29 Inches High

Monday Morning

'Monday Morning'
29 Inches High

Never Walk When You Can Ride

'Never Walk When You Can Ride'
14 Inches High by 21 Inches Wide

Ready To Ride

'Ready To Ride'
28 High by 10.5 Long by 8 Wide

Shoots Me

'Shoots Me'
17 by 12 Inches

Sundance Chief

'Sundance Chief'
22 Inches High

The Crossing

'The Crossing'

Trouble In The Corral

'Trouble In The Corral'
18 High by 8 Long by 8 Wide

Waiting For The Remuda

'Waiting For The Remuda'
22 High by 8.5 Long by 7 Wide

When Thunder Roared

'When Thunder Roared'
16 Inches High by 22 Inches Long

Where Have All My People Gone

'Where Have All My People Gone'
38 Inches High by 12 Inches Wide

Whiskey Guard

'Whiskey Guard'
24 High by 18.5 Long by 12 Wide

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