In the News: Jenness Cortez-(ARTDAILY.ORG)
August 11, 2014

Jenness Cortez unveils new western paintings at Trailside Gallery in Jackson Hole

JACKSON HOLE, WY.- As part of its annual Western Classics Show, Trailside Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, presents the first Western paintings by internationally acclaimed artist Jenness Cortez . On view August 11 - 24, 2014, Cortez employs the backdrop of the old west to unveil the next installment in her thought-provoking “Homage to the Creative Spirit” series. Among the many topics raised by her new Western art is Cortez’s heartfelt conviction that iconic images, when seen in familiar domestic settings, can inspire each of us to rediscover and revalue our own creative potential.


In her first foray into Western art, Cortez continues to reexamine the classic paradox of realism: the painting both as a “window” into an imagined space and as a physical object. Summarizing her creative process, Cortez explains, “Every painting begins with a vision seen in the artist’s mind. Sometimes the finished piece appears in the mind full-blown, and at other times it is amorphous––yet with some beguiling character that begs to be developed. In either case, between that first inspiration and the finished painting lie hours of research, thousands of choices and, of course, the great joy of painting. The process is organic. Even with a well-conceived composition in place, the painting has a life of its own and the best ones surprise even the artist with twists and turns that outshine the most clever of plans. It’s as if the creative spirit insinuates itself into the work, wanting to serve its own best interest with solutions that far exceed the artist’s original, limited vision.”

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