Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan, b. 1952, Salt Lake City, Utah, (United States)

Robert Duncan was born and raised in Utah, but spent his childhood summers on his grandfather’s ten thousand acre Wyoming cattle ranch surrounded by beautiful open country.  An aspiring artist from an early age, it was this idyllic childhood that would deeply instill in him a love of nature and rural life that continues to be the central focus of his life and art today.

Robert began painting at the age of 11.  He studied at the University of Utah and worked as a commercial artist before his full-time dedication to fine art.  Robert's art education includes work in Canada with the late CAA artist Robert Lougheed, the study of European artists in France, Sweden, and Spain and the English artist Alfred Munnings.

In 1982 Duncan was the youngest person invited to join the Cowboy Artists of America organization.  During his five-year association with the group, Duncan developed a national following for his oil paintings, mainly historical subject matter. Despite his enormous success with the organization, Duncan resigned in 1987 to devote more time to his increasing passion for painting farm life and nostalgic vignettes of rural America.

Today, Duncan sees his work as a return to old values.  Often painting outside, direct from life, his canvas speaks of family and neighbors, a simple and honest way of life that is in eminent danger of disappearing from the American landscape.  Several trips to Europe have inspired a number of landscapes and pastoral scenes.  Duncan says, “I’m interested in the ways we are all alike and feelings that are universal.  I also paint out of concern that we are losing sight of things that have a profound impact on our souls and well being.  We all need a bit of nature in our lives.”  He adds, “With my art, comes the hope that we might all try to save those things that really matter and leave our children a world where they can still enjoy the simple pleasures.”

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