Brad Greenwood
Catch of the Day Desk-SOLD
<p> 50 x 44 x 23 in<br /> (127h x 111.76w x 58.42d cm)<br /> SOLD</p> <p> <br /> Of the materials in this piece the...
Manifest Destiny II Desk
<p> Black walnut, English walnut, elm, mulberry, eucalyptus, white oak twigs, antique hardware, engraving print, rawhid...
Roosevelt Floor Lamp
<p> patina steel, vintage farm implement, mica, walnut, copper leaf inlay<br /> 85h x 19w x 19d in<br /> 215.90h x 48...
Save the Ranger-Yellowstone National Park / National Park Series Mechanical Target Shooting Galler
<p> honey locust, elm, white oak, pistachio, mulberry, eucalyptus, walnut, original oil painting, vintage gun &amp; coi...
The Huntsman’s Speakeasy
<p> 32w x 18d x 75h in<br /> 190.50h x 81.28w x 45.72d cm<br /> $24,000<br /> <br /> Of the materials in this piece...
Walnut Pedestal Tables with Antlers II-SOLD
<p> Figured black walnut natural slab top, mountain mahogany base, eucalyptus butterfly accents, deer antlers, copper l...
Wild West Card Table
<p> white oak slab, sycamore, black locust, eucalyptus, oak twigs, steel mechanism, copper leaf inlay<br /> 30h x 36w ...

Brad Greenwood, b. 1961, United States

Greenwood furniture, wood sculpting, and mechanical creations, embodies the design perception, hand-craftsmanship, and time-honored woodworking techniques inherited from Old World craftsmen.

For the past twenty-eight years Greenwood has solely been designing, creating and carving furniture and sculpting hardwoods.  His dedication to Old World woodworking techniques, combined with his creative use of California hard woods, personifies his originality.   His work is durable and well composed, blending craftsmanship, design and proportion.

Brad Greenwood is well well-known for his intricate relief carvings, hand tooled surfaces, rough sawn surfaces, and striking combinations of hardwoods.  Also noteworthy is his remarkable talent to integrate antique and long-standing resources into his work. He creates entertaining furnishings that contain distinctive features such as dioramas, animatronics, games, secret compartments, and more.

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