JoAnn Peralta

JoAnn Peralta, b. 1967, California, United States

JoAnn Peralta's fine art paintings have captivated collectors with her keen sense of mood and lush brushwork since 2004. Each painting invokes a timeless romantic flair towards life and sets a tone of intrigue through her use of lighting and color. The beauty of light with a modernist touch is what Peralta describes as her influence and it continues to draw Masters of the American West, Autry Museum patrons and collectors.

Peralta's early training came via an opportunity to attend the illustrious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California when she was awarded a full-time scholarship upon recognition of her portfolio. Shortly after leaving Art Center, she began a successful career as an illustrator and naturally drifted into fine art. She had always had a strong vision in her heart about what she wanted to paint and the direction it would take her. All that combined with her technical training and draftsmanship skills prepared her for what came next. She showed some of her works to Maryvonne Leshe, managing director and owner of Trailside Galleries and it was well received by her. Peralta was asked to show her paintings at the gallery. It was a dream come true and the collectors response was overwhelmingly positive. 

In 2009, Peralta's vision caught the eye of renowned fine art critic, collector, and Special Assistant to the President of the Gene Autry Museum,  John Geraghty. He personally invited her to show in the 2010 Autry Masters of the American West Exhibition and Sale held annually at the museum.  "I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my vision alongside so many of my hero's of fine art, such as Howard Terpning".  Today she still continues to exhibit in the show six years later.

While JoAnn Peralta has had much success in this very prestigious and important show in American Western Art she continues to excel in her passion at demonstrating her love of painting and setting the bar higher for herself. "I continue to look forward to forging new directions into the world of fine art that will continue to escalate and grow in areas of ideas and thought. I am an avid historian of modernist art in equal conjunction with my love of representational realism so those two thoughts and worlds can't help but evolve into something wonderful", states Peralta. 

Recently, Peralta was given the honor of having her painting, "Heart of the West" (W.S. Hart Museum courtesy of the Natural History Museum, L.A. County) to be displayed in the Longworth Building of the U.S. Capitol, in Washington, D.C.  "I was initially invited to do a painting to represent the district of Congressman Knight that would be displayed in the California State Capitol in Sacramento". "However, Congressman Knight loved the painting so much he asked if he could display it in his offices at the Longworth Building in Washington, D.C".  "I was ecstatic and consented to this honor."   

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