Ross Buckland: Beyond All Roads
June 17 - June 29, 2019, Open House: June 20, 5-8pm
Jackson, Wyoming
Press release

Trailside Galleries is pleased to announce Ross Buckland:Beyond All Roads - a showcase of new works by Canadian aviation artist Ross Buckland. The show will be on exhibit at the gallery from July 17 through June 29.

Ross Buckland was born in Calgary in 1958 and was fortunate to  have experienced air travel at an early age. An infatuation with flying developed, which eventually led to an interest in aviation art.  With no formal art training except for high school art classes, Buckland learned by studying the work of artists whose paintings he admired including Frank Wootton, Keith Ferris and R.G. Smith.  Buckland would visit the Air and Space Museum in Washington to see their paintings and try to learn from the real thing.  He says,  "Their books remain as valuable treasures to me and I still refer to them often."

Aviation art, like other subjects, usually requires a background or environment surrounding and supporting the main subject. In trying to learn and solve the problems of depicting landscape and figures, as well as discovering techniques in the handling of oils on canvas, the work of other artists has become influential and inspirational.  About the newest works for his one man show Buckland notes, “The goal is not necessarily to depict an actual location or event, but more to celebrate the natural elements and the typical environment and circumstances of flying far from the established airways.”

Today, after much success in sales of originals and reproductions, an individual style continues to evolve while striving to express an appreciation and love of aviation and the landscape.